Style Resolutions

No excuses, these New Years Resolutions are coming late but I still wanted to share the Style Resolutions that are on my list this year!

The first was to finally come back to blogging so yay me! But the second was a major step -make the colour leap to Rose Gold Hair. It has been pinned to my Pinterest for well over two years but after 6 solid years of various red dyes I was being told there was no way.


So I chopped off about a foot of hair, did some testing with the right colourist…


And first week of the new year, I took the plunge!


So here is a list of a few other resolutions I’d like to conquer this year:

  • try a bodycon style dress
  • work a jumpsuit into my wardrobe
  • find the perfect swimsuit
  • reorganize my closet
  • be more adventurous with my makeup

Just a few but they would be out of my typical style so I stand by my choices.

What are your Style Resolutions for 2017?


2 thoughts on “Style Resolutions

  1. You’re so brave (and cool!). Restarting your blog, rose gold hair!! I admire you.

    As for my style resolutions, I’d like to be more daring, whether that means more colour in my wardrobe or pants that aren’t yoga or denim, I don’t know…but stepping out of my safe, little bubble.

    And I’d love to blog, but…..


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