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Out of This World


Oh hello there!

Busy week for me and I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten out of the house much! Working from home offers me so many amazing advantages but it does sometimes result in unwashed hair and yoga pants. I try to avoid that cliche as much as possible by picking out outfits I love, doing my hair and makeup…even when I do only have a video conference that day.

I’m loving my grape elbow patch dress for workdays. I can wear leggings or tights with it and still feel comfy and cozy while looking pretty.


I purchased the dress online from the super cute In Pursuit – a mobile boutique based out of Saint John, New Brunswick that I loved shopping out during my time out east. It’s actually set up in a big pink truck and sets up location all over the city. It’s adorable and you need to see it, but also they have an online store so I can keep shopping!



Seriously, I love this dress! I matched it with my We Love Colors splash tights! We Love Colors is my favourite place to purchase coloured tights. They have every colour you can dream of and even ones you didn’t even think of yet!


Watch from Winners, by Betsy Johnson.


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