Cold Shoulder to the Cold Shoulder

Something has been annoying me; The Cold Shoulder.


I thought it might be a quick-to-fade fad but it’s hung around far too long.

Just to be clear, I’m totally fine with how these tops look on others. Here’s my real issues; they look horrible on me, plus size stores are filled with them and they are so often poorly fitted.

Can we please be done with this look already!

Dresses, blouses, tees, jumpers…. I’m so over this look. I want to keep my shoulders warm and when I want to show a sexy shoulder I love an off the shoulder top. Much more sultry…


Rebdolls ‘Waves’ dress


Rebdolls “Fake Love” top

Or go for totally off the shoulder! Let’s really warm things up!


Monif C’s “Melissa” bow dress


Modcloth’s Expressive Embroidery dress (available in plus)

So really, in conclusion.. plus size designer? Please stop trying to force feed me the Cold Shoulder.



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