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100% More Floral


When life gets a little too hectic and you have zero time to blog, you go on vacation!

I wish I could regale you with stories of wild pool parties, exotic locations and a killer tan but since I already live in on of Canada’s favourite vacation locales I spent a week off just enjoying my town and completely winding down.

It was perfection.


Day 1 – I already look less stressed, and 100% more floral.


Another new addition to my look – a Summer update for my hair! I decided for a more pink colour and blunt bangs. Pleased as (pink) punch!

Outfit Details:

Peachy Ribbed tank – Old Navy

Floral Short Kimono – Forever 21+

Denim Capris – Torrid

Blue vegan Flats   – Modcloth

Sunglasses – vintage & broke about 25 minutes later….

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Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!


I hope your weekend has been filled with impossibly high sugar intakes and sweet love!

Easter celebrations are low key now that my only child has hit the late teens and while he did enjoy chocolate and I got hugs and kisses, there was sadly no Easter Egg Hunt for me him this year.


Regardless of egg hunts or sugar highs I still can’t resist a outfit with a theme. This adorable bunny top is curtesy of H&M’s plus line. I’ve scored some really great picks from them although the line is very limited. Take note: they offer a lot more online and only select stores carry the plus items.


Skirt from Addition Elle and tights, as always, from We Love Colors.


Anyone else do an Easter inspired outfit for the weekend?

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Spring Flowers


I’ve been ready for Spring sunshine for weeks now! It’s been making random appearances through my office window.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I went barefoot as opposed to warm socks and Uggs, even indoors! I’m definitely ready to bring out my Spring wardrobe now though.


I picked this hippie blouse up from the sale rack at H&M because all the detailing was too amazing to pass up! The high collar, the eyelet and the sheer back with large keyhole!!!


FYI, trying to capture a photo from behind, is the worst.

The jeans were an amazing find from Charlotte Russe which I featured on a previous Shopping Cart post. I paid $12.50 for these beauties!!


I already know these will end up being well worn throughout the Spring and Summer this year!


What are you most excited to put on this Spring?

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Pretty in Pink

I’m back!

It was a much longer than anticipated return to OOTD posts but my work trip was intense & then I got insanely sick. But I’m back! And so is SPRING!!!!


I was so happy to get in and see my stylist for an update of my colour. We had a bit of fun with a messy/curly style while I was there too.


Today I’m rockin this adorable, super short Forever 21+ collared dress. I tried it previously with leggings and jeggings but what it was really waiting for was Spring weather and tights!


We Love Colors are everything to me in the Spring and Fall. I have so many colours and honestly always think I need more. This particular shade is Orchid Pink. The adorable saddle shoes were a total steal from ModCloth.


This is my ‘Hi, I’m feeling cute’ look.


Cold Shoulder to the Cold Shoulder

Something has been annoying me; The Cold Shoulder.


I thought it might be a quick-to-fade fad but it’s hung around far too long.

Just to be clear, I’m totally fine with how these tops look on others. Here’s my real issues; they look horrible on me, plus size stores are filled with them and they are so often poorly fitted.

Can we please be done with this look already!

Dresses, blouses, tees, jumpers…. I’m so over this look. I want to keep my shoulders warm and when I want to show a sexy shoulder I love an off the shoulder top. Much more sultry…


Rebdolls ‘Waves’ dress


Rebdolls “Fake Love” top

Or go for totally off the shoulder! Let’s really warm things up!


Monif C’s “Melissa” bow dress


Modcloth’s Expressive Embroidery dress (available in plus)

So really, in conclusion.. plus size designer? Please stop trying to force feed me the Cold Shoulder.



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Prelude to Romance

I was ranting to my GirlGang last night about how it’s not easy to be my size in this society – you have to tackles opinions (including your own) from every angle. But I also was preaching that I’m at a point in my life where I need to embrace what feels good, wear what I love and stop feeling less than.

Valentines Day is approaching and while it should be a time we fill with love and romance, some of us can find ourselves filled more with dread. Why? Because we want more than anything to feel beautiful, desired and sexy! I don’t need to tell you that the market is rather saturated with images of women scantily clad but not enough of them look like me, or I imagine you. I thought I’d combat that by hunting down some fabulous full sized lingerie options.

Probably the frontrunner in Plus Size Lingerie is Hips & Curves. From sexy…

rd9699_plus-size-love-hurts-leather-heart-riding-crop_black-and-red sweet


They seem to have it all! They also carry bras, panties, shapewear, leather, corsets.. the works!

Curvynbeautiful  is another elegant Plus Size Lingerie company who offer FREE SHIPPING on orders from $89+ in the USA and CANADA!


For the innocent and the not so innocent.



At Lingerie For Plus Size you can browse specifically by size. The prices seem high here but the styles are a little less ordinary!

03-44-y97h2-d5x7m   03-45-6x52e-oo2sf









I also fell in love with Lace‘s curvy line and immediately added this purple chiffon sleep set to my wishlist! Eeek!




Also, for those of you who don’t feel comfortable shopping online, don’t forget to check out your local Penningtons and Addition Elle. Both brands are getting excellent at representing our feminine and sexy sides.



(Ashely Graham might be just my everything…)

Feeling sexy yet? Even researching and writing this has me feeling a lot more hopeful and my waller feeling lighter! Also, remember that feeling sexy never relies on the approval of others. Buy something you love, wear it for yourself!




Style Resolutions

No excuses, these New Years Resolutions are coming late but I still wanted to share the Style Resolutions that are on my list this year!

The first was to finally come back to blogging so yay me! But the second was a major step -make the colour leap to Rose Gold Hair. It has been pinned to my Pinterest for well over two years but after 6 solid years of various red dyes I was being told there was no way.


So I chopped off about a foot of hair, did some testing with the right colourist…


And first week of the new year, I took the plunge!


So here is a list of a few other resolutions I’d like to conquer this year:

  • try a bodycon style dress
  • work a jumpsuit into my wardrobe
  • find the perfect swimsuit
  • reorganize my closet
  • be more adventurous with my makeup

Just a few but they would be out of my typical style so I stand by my choices.

What are your Style Resolutions for 2017?